Technology & Product Pipeline

“OptiDC”Platform(ADC Platform) :

 Kelun-Biotech is one of the pioneers and leading developers of ADCs with over ten years experience in ADC development. According to Frost & Sullivan, Kelun-Biotech is one of the first biopharmaceutical companies in China, and one of the few globally, to establish an integrated ADC development platform that supports our system development throughout the ADC's life cycle. Our ADC platform, OptiDC, is supported by three pillars of capability: deep understanding of biological targets and diseases, tested and validated ADC design and development expertise, and a toolbox of ADC core components. Through over a decade of development, Kelun-Biotech has developed a toolbox of core ADC components that are able to engineer customized ADCs optimized against different biological targets to address medical needs in a broad range of indications. Kelun-Biotech has honed its expertise in ADC process development, manufacturing and quality control, which it believes is crucial in bringing the ADCs from bench to bedside.

 Notably, the platform has been tested and validated on more than thousands of patients through clinical trials. It has passed extensive research and trials, including the validation of more than a dozen clinical or preclinical drug candidates. The SKB264 project applied irreversible antibody conjugation technology, pH-sensitive linkers, moderately active cytotoxins and homogeneous high-DAR (7.4) strategies, which perfectly demonstrated the design and optimization of the Kelun-Biotech's ADC Kthiol strategy. The Company's continuous advancement in ADC research and development forms an ongoing feedback loop that strengthens our platform and enables us to consistently and rapidly deliver highly competitive ADC drug candidates.